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Admissions and Recruitment (ADM)

Primary Phone: 478.471.2800

  • Macon - Student Life Center - 1st Floor
People in Department
Brown, Joanna Admissions Assistant I478-934-3103
Carmel, Janel Administrative Assistant478.757.7386
Davis, Ms. Geraldine Senior Admissions Assistant 478.471.2725
Miller, Mallory Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Negron, Thomasa Admissions Specialist478.471.2725
Pitts, Tori Recruiter478.841.0037
Sewell, Wesley Recruiter II (Lead Recruiter)478.960.2231
Starley, Stacie Admissions Assistant 2478.934.3031
Terrell, Laura Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment478.471.2725
Travis, Elisabeth Admissions Specialist478.934.3136
Tucker, Ryan Assistant Director478.471.5307
Woodham, Margo Director of Admissions478.471.2725

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