Department Directory

Recruitment and Admissions (ADM)

Primary Phone: 877.238.8664

  • Macon - Student Life Center - 1st Floor
People in Department
Brown, Joanna Admissions Assistant I478-934-3103
Carmel, Janel Administrative Assistant478.757.7386
Cummins, Pam Assistant Director of Recruitment & Admissions478-471-2725
Davis, Ms. Geraldine Senior Admissions Assistant 478.471.2725
McCall, Chrissonia Recruiter 1478.342.0205
Miller, Mallory Recruiter 1
Negron, Thomasa Admissions Specialist478.471.2725
Schuyler, Maggie Assistant Director of Admission for Dual Enrollment Programs478.929.6716
Sewell, Wesley Recruiter II (Lead Recruiter)478.960.2231
Starley, Stacie Admissions Assistant 2478.934.3031
Terrell, Laura Communications Strategist/ In-House Recruiter478.471.2725
Thompson, Ashley Admissions Specialist478.471.2725
Thompson, Lonel Recruiter 1478.960.2205
Travis, Elisabeth Admissions Specialist478.934.3136
Tucker, Ryan Assistant Director478.471.5307
Woodham, Margo Director of Admissions478.471.2725

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