Department Directory

Financial Aid (FA)

Primary Phone: 478.471.2800

  • Macon - Student Life Center - 2nd Floor
    Fax: 478.471.2790
  • Warner Robins - Academic Services - 1st Floor
    Fax: 478.929.6726
  • Dublin
    Fax: 478.934.3019
  • Eastman - Terry L. Coleman Center for Aviation and Technology
    Fax: 478.934.3019
  • Cochran - Grace Hall - 2nd Floor
    Fax: 478.934.3019
People in Department
Clark, Erika Financial Aid Advisor 1877.238.8664
Foskey, Lora Assistant Director877.238.8664
Giddens, Deborah Customer Service Representative 1877.238.8664
Hopper, Cynthia Finanical Aid Advisor 1877.238.8664
Hudson, Rosetta Financial Aid Advisor 1877.238.8664
Kirkland, Lee Ann - JD, AFC Director877.238.8664
Lanier, Mary Financial Aid Advisor 1877.238.8664
Ledezma, Abigail Customer Service Representative8772388664
McAllister, Robert - BS Financial Aid Advisor
Piper, Tony Financial Aid Operations Manager877.238.8664
Rubalcava, Erick Customer Service Representative877.238.8664
Sanford, Starlar Financial Aid Technical Manager877.238.8664
Sharon, Mark Financial Aid Advisor877.238.8664
Traylor, Yolanda M. Financial Aid Advisor877.238.8664
Wells, Melissa Financial Aid Advisor877.238.8664
Wonnum, Gloria Assistant Director877.238.8664

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