Department Directory

Police (POL)

Primary Phone: 478.471.2414

Primary Fax: 478.471.2419

  • Macon - Campus Support Services - 1st floor
    Phone: 478.471.2414
    Fax: 478.471.2419
  • Warner Robins - Academic Services
    Phone: 478.731.9901
  • Dublin
    Phone: 478.274.7751
  • Eastman - Terry L. Coleman Center for Aviation and Technology
    Phone: 478.374.6403
  • Cochran - Alderman Hall
    Phone: 478.934.3002
People in Department
Coleman, Toya Detective/Crime Prevention Officer478.471.2414
Collins, Randy Police Officer478.471.2414
Corley, Elizabeth "Kate" Dispatcher478.934.3002
cox, Steven
Crooms, Richard Lieutenant
Davis, Reginald Police Officer
Douglas, Shawn Assistant Vice President Risk Management and Police Services478.471.2414
Dunn, Bobby Police Officer
Hall, Jonathan Police Officer478.471.2414
Harrison, Dylan Police Officer
Hasty, Roger Police Officer478.230.8270
Heath, Alan Police Officer
Johnson, Lee Sergeant478.934.3002
Jones, Brooks Police Officer478.934.3002
Jones, Jesse Sergeant478.471.2414
Jones, Keith Sergeant478.934.3002
Kitchens, Greggory Police Officer
Lampp, Stephanie Lieutenant478.448.4708
Mauldin, Gregory Sergeant478.934.3002
Pope, Christopher Police Officer478.308.2251
Roland, Shane Lieutenant478.934.3002
Russo, Trish Senior Communications Coordinator478.471.2414
Smith, Michael Police Officer
Strom, Curtis Police Sergeant
Vega, Pedro Polce Officer
Wells, Jacob Sergeant478.731.9901
Woodard, Michael Police Officer
Wright, Jason Police Officer
Sub Departments

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