2022-2023 University Syllabus

The syllabus should clearly state course requirements and instructor expectations using the section guides below as appropriate for the course. To ensure consistency across the university, all course syllabi must include the following items.

Required verbiage is in italics


  1. Faculty name and campus email address
    1. Include relevant information, i.e., response time for answering emails, answering emails on the weekend, etc.
  2. Office hours and Office location
  3. Phone number where you can be reached (MGA number is enough)

Note: While office location and hours are not required of part-time instructors, part-time instructors are responsible for maintaining regular communication with department secretary.


  1. Course Title, prefix, and CRN
  2. Credit Hours
  3. Semester
  4. Campus Location
  5. Meeting times and meeting location


  1. Course Prerequisite(s)
  2. Course Description as written in the 2022-2023 catalog
  3. Student learning outcomes
  4. Required course materials.

Guidelines for eTexts would be included in this section. If they are not permitted, this is to be written into the syllabi.

  1. Technology Requirement: This section should address all technology requirements for hardware or software. Any costs to the student must be included.
  2. Use of on-line proctor service – Required only if the service will be used

If students are required to use a fee based proctoring service, students must be notified no later than the first day of class. State the number of proctored exams for the semester, the cost for the semester and technical requirements for using the service

  1. Student Support Services—Paragraph below required

Tutoring is available free of charge on all MGA campuses for currently enrolled students. To view center contact information, subjects tutored, and tutor availability, go to the SSC website at http://www.mga.edu/student-success-center/ . SSC tutoring sessions may be scheduled online and face-to-face through the “Book an Appointment” link on the Student Success Center website. Other services at the SSC include online academic workshops and a robust website with resources for academic assistance. The centers also have computer workstations, printing, and Internet access.


  1. This verbiage is required on your syllabi

The University System of Georgia (USG) continues to recognize COVID-19 vaccines and boosters offer safe, effective protection and urges all students, faculty, staff and visitors to get vaccinated and/or boosted either on campus or with a local provider.

We encourage our MGA community to adopt a self-care and personal responsibility approach to wellness as positive actions to protect self and others; each of us doing our part to keep the MGA community healthy and campus academics and activities thriving.  We ask you to complete the self report form if you have tested positive to COVID-19 and review the Quarantine and Isolation Calculator to determine the appropriate actions to take.  Visit updated information at this website: https://www.mga.edu/coronavirus/ .

Carefully review your syllabus, D2L announcements, or email for details


  1. Attendance Policy

Faculty are expected to maintain an attendance record for all classes, regardless of delivery mode. These records are often requested by the Provost Office for student petitions and the Financial Aid Office for last day of attendance. The MGA policy on attendance is found in Section 5.04.05 of the Faculty Handbook and in the Academic Catalog (https://mga.smartcatalogiq.com/2022-2023/Undergraduate-Catalog/Academic-Policy-and-Information/Course-Policies/Attendance-Policy). Please review the policy in both to ensure you are in compliance for face to face and online courses.

The Office of Academic Affairs is requesting that the phrase “may be penalized at the discretion of the instructor” be replaced with the actual penalty. Citing the actual consequence eliminates bias in who is penalized.

Finally, please keep in mind that COVID-19 related absences will require flexibility and planning to ensure that students remain on track.

  1. Class Behavior Expectations and Consequences for Violations

This section is for addressing civility and personal responsibility in the classroom and in the on-line environment. The paragraph below should be used as a preface to any additional statements:  

“Middle Georgia State University students are responsible for reading, understanding, and abiding by the MGA Student Code of Conduct.”   Student Code of Conduct, Responsibilities, Procedures, and Rights are found at https://www.mga.edu/student-affairs/docs/MGA_Student_Handbook.pdf#page=45

  1. Plagiarism - Paragraph below required if a plagiarism prevention tool is being used for the course.

A plagiarism prevention service is used in evaluation of written work submitted for this course. As directed by the instructor, students are expected to submit or have their assignments submitted through the service in order to meet requirements for this course. The papers will be retained by the service for the sole purpose of checking for plagiarized content in future student submissions.

  1. Policy on Accessibility Accommodations – Paragraph below required

Students seeking ADA accommodations must contact Middle Georgia State University Office of Accessibility Services in Macon at (478) 471-2985 or in Cochran at (478) 934-3023. https://www.mga.edu/accessibility-services/

  1. Withdrawal Policy – Paragraph below required

Students are encouraged to read the withdrawal policy found at https://www.mga.edu/registrar/registration/drop-add.php before dropping/withdrawing from class.

  1. Delayed Opening or Closing of the University

Explain what is expected of the student regarding continuation of coursework in the event the University is closed due to unforeseen circumstances. (Knight’s Alert or https://www.mga.edu/police/alert/index.php)

  1. End of Course Evaluations – Paragraph below required

Student evaluations of faculty are administered online at the end of each term/session for all courses with five or more students. Students will receive an email containing a link to a survey for each course in which they are enrolled. All responses are anonymous.

  1. HB 280 Campus Carry Legislation – https://www.mga.edu/police/campus-carry.php


  1. Tentative Course Schedule

For all delivery modes, include a calendar-based schedule of course content and evaluation(s). Indicate midterm date and if applicable a final exam date and time. Ensure hybrids are meeting in person at least 51% of the time.

  1. Course Requirements
  1. Grading Policy

The grading scale and/or scoring rubric must be provided along with other policies, such as penalty for late or incomplete work.


The following statement and link are required on all syllabi:

Students are responsible for reading, understanding, and adhering to all Middle Georgia State University student policies, including those linked on the Syllabus Policy page: https://www.mga.edu/faculty-affairs/syllabus-policy.php