EU Studies Certificate

This fully online certificate program in European Union Studies is operated under the supervision of the European Council of the University System of Georgia. The EU Studies certificate allows students to demonstrate professional expertise about the European Union to potential employers and graduate schools. The program is open to all institutions and students of the University System as well as to professionals with an undergraduate degree.

The EU is an important area to study if you are interested in a job in international relations, business, or education. European companies are also the largest international investors in Georgia, accounting for 61% of all foreign investment in the state, including the North American headquarters of German carmakers Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. 

The certificate in EU Studies comprises  five  courses  that total a minimum of 15 semester hours of academic credit. To earn the certificate, students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA in program courses upon completion of the program. An official certificate is awarded by a student's home institution for satisfactory fulfillment of the curriculum. The curriculum has three mandatory components and one option:

  1. Introduction to the EU (EURO 3234). The first course that should be taken in the program. 
  2. Multidisciplinary Menu. Three courses from at least two disciplinary areas selected from a menu of choices. Students may apply certain MGA courses in fields such as English, history, political science, and Spanish related to contemporary Europe toward this requirement.
  3. Capstone Seminar (EURO 4830). The last course taken that unifies the program's curriculum. 
  4. Areas of Distinction. Optional distinctions for a practicum experience (internship or study abroad), foreign language training, or an honors thesis.

EURO courses are open to students in any of MGA’s bachelor’s degree programs. They can also fulfill elective requirements in the history and political science majors!

See the EU Studies Certificate Program website and the MGA course catalog for complete details, requirements, and course descriptions. Contact Dr. Chris Lawrence, MGA's representative for the program, with further questions or to enroll in the program.

Dr. Lawrence and students at EU Parliament          The EU Parliament in Brussels