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Student Government Association

Student Government Association Preamble

SGA SealWe, the student body of Middle Georgia State University, believe that we have the right and the authority of self-governance. In order to preserve and further these aims; to promote understanding and involvement among all members of the university community; to represent, advocate, and legislate the interest of the student body; to serve as partners in the administrative processes of the university; to protect our right to govern ourselves; to be the official voice of students in academic, institutional and campus affairs; we do hereby establish this Constitution for the Middle Georgia State University Student Government Association (SGA).

Voice your opinion at your own convenience! If you have questions or concerns, please email the SGA at  .

2023 – 2024 Executive Board

President of Western District: Ransford Williams ()
President of Western District: Willie Usher, Jr. ()

Executive Secretary: Veronica Evans

Treasurer: Isaiah Morman

Chief Justice: Alexia Huston

Senate Speaker Pro Tempore: Preston Stanberry

Marketing Coordinator: Kwan Burks

Community Outreach Coordinator: Landon Derr


Bryceton Heads

Krystal Crooms

Aliyah Durham

Jennifer Lopez

Anna Schumaker

Eric Johnson

Chibrielle Myrick

Austin Walker


SGA Constitution