Let's Talk Sustainability
Let's Talk Sustainability
Let's Talk Sustainability
Let's Talk Sustainability


Let's Talk Sustainability

Environmental Health & Safety hosted its annual Let’s Talk Sustainability Event October 25 at Middle Georgia State University’s Macon Campus. The event provides an opportunity for busy students and faculty to learn how to save the environment and money by making small, effortless changes to their everyday lives. Here are a few ways that Knights can go green:

  1. Reuse Water Bottles

Middle Georgia State University provides water bottle refill stations on all 5 campuses. Allowing students to save money, conveniently hydrate, and reduce waste!

  1. Take Notes Electronically

Save money on paper purchases (notebooks, flash cards, etc.) and stop wasting paper at the same time by taking notes on your electronic devices.

  1. Water Saving Tips:
    1. Turn water off while brushing teeth
    2. Use low-flow shower heads and faucets
    3. When shaving, plug the sink instead of allowing the water to run.
    4. When doing laundry, match the water level to the size of your load.
  1. Energy Saving Tips
    1. Set thermostat at 78° F in the summer and 68°F in the winter AND LEAVE IT ALONE!
    2. Start using energy efficient CFLs or LEDs.
    3. Wash clothes in cold water.
    4. Clean and change air filters regularly.  A dirty filter will slow down airflow and force the system to use more energy to keep you cool or warm.

Promoting Social, Economic, & Environmental Needs for the Future. Many operations at MGA have some effect on energy usage and the ecology. MGA takes this very seriously and attempts to mitigate this effect. Faculty, staff, and student involvement help with the success of these programs.

What is Sustainability and why should I care about it on my campus?

Sustainability is creating and maintaining an environment that can supply us with essential resources without compromising those essentials for future generations.

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Have Ideas?

  • Contact with any ideas or questions about sustainability on campus.
  • Want to do a class project on sustainability? Let us know! We can help!


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