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Academic Renewal Policy

Degree-seeking students (both Transfer and Readmitted Students) who have experienced academic difficulty (GPA less than 2.50) previously at any USG Institution to have one opportunity to make a fresh start after an absence of three years from a regionally accredited Institution. Students are encouraged to apply at the time of admission, re-enrollment or re-enrollment as a transfer Student. The Academic Renewal Form should be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar.

Academic renewal does not remove grades previously earned from the student's transcript, nor does it change academic standing. A renewal GPA is begun when the student resumes taking coursework following approval for Academic Renewal. The new GPA can change dramatically after the first semester of enrollment if the student does well. For example, a student who is granted Academic Renewal takes two courses during the first semester after re-enrollment for which he or she receives two B grades would now have a 3.0 GPA and would be in Good Standing. There are other provisions applicable to Academic Renewal as applies to graduation, honors etc. which students who apply for academic renewal should be aware of. For additional information go to the catalog and search Academic Renewal Policy.

Repeated Course Policy

A student can repeat a course previously taken at Middle Georgia State University. The new or most recent grade is included in the GPA and the previous grade is excluded. So, if a student took ENGL 1101 (ENGL 101 under the Quarter System) and received an F grade, retook the course and received a new grade of A, the A grade would be included in the GPA and F excluded. A student can determine the effect of this policy in reviewing their transcript. Grades included and excluded are identified by I or E by the grade. This policy started with the Fall 1999 semester. Any course repeated starting with the Fall 1999 semester is subject to the repeat course policy.