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DANTE/DSST Subject Examinations

Institutional Guidelines

Students may apply for DANTES/DSST credit only after being accepted and enrolled by Middle Georgia State University. When DANTES/DSST credit is awarded, a grade of K will be recorded on the permanent academic record. No more than 40 semester hours of credit may be earned by examination for the baccalaureate degree (including CLEP, AP, DANTES/DSST, and departmental credit exams). Credit by examination may not be received for a course in which the student has previously enrolled.

Students must register for the DANTES/DSST examinations with Testing Services. Fees for the examinations are the responsibility of the student. Students desiring credit for a DANTES/DSST Examination not listed in the catalog may petition the Office of Academic Affairs.

Courses for which there are no DANTES/DSST examinations may be exempted by departmental credit examinations when examinations approved by the Chair or Dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs are available. Interested students should apply to the appropriate Chair or Dean to see if there is an approved examination. Students must pay a fee to the Business Office, where they will get a receipt and a "Credit Examination Notice" card stamped as paid. The stamped card must be presented to the Chair or Dean before the test. If students pass a departmental exam, their cards will be signed by the Chair or Dean and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. If students fail a departmental exam, the Chair or Dean will file their cards to indicate that those students are ineligible to take a second exam on the same subject.

For a complete listing of DANTES/DSST examinations offered by Middle Georgia State University, the acceptable score, the course equivalency and the credit hours awarded visit Testing Services or the academic catalog and search Advanced Placement Program College Entrance Examination.