Student Leadership Programs

“One of the central purposes of student leadership development programs in American universities is to provide a comprehensive offering of activities and services to compliment an academic education. With the growing complexity of society and the need for students to cope with constant change, leadership programs assume great importance.” (Buckner & Williams, 1995, p. 4). The Center for Career and Leadership Development is committed to providing career and leadership development for our diverse student body. Student Leadership Programs align with the goals of the career center and the professional development focus that is continuing to flourish within this department. Our leadership programs support the institution’s strategic plan to expand student engagement and experiential learning and to cultivate engagement with its local communities by including a department within the Center for Career and Leadership Development. MGA’s Student Leadership Programs will be developed and implemented through the guiding principles that:

  • All students have the capacity to demonstrate leadership
  • Leadership is purposeful and collaborative
  • Leadership is service and civic engagement
  • Leadership concepts are explored across all academic disciplines and can be learned through curricular and co-curricular experiences
  • Leadership is a process that leads to social change
  • Effective student leadership programs connect to the mission of the university, have strong leadership/staffing for the program, and is supported across campus through resources and engagement.

We are only working with Freshmen for the Knights Lead program this year but we will be adding an Emerging Leaders Program for sophomores next academic year and an iLEAD Mentors Program for juniors the following year. Our goals are to retain, engage, and develop students into great student leaders who are able to obtain valuable professional experiences and are prepared to compete in a global economy and society.

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