No-Show Reporting

Financial Aid recipients will become ineligible for funds by not attending at least one class session and must be reported as a No-Show. When Financial Aid recipients (and out of pocket paying students) are not reported as a No-Show in an accurate and timely manner by the No Show scheduled deadline, both the University and the student may incur fiscal liability for the portion of the award that the student is no longer eligible to receive.

The No-Show reporting procedures will better position MGA to adjust Financial Aid awards before remaining balance funds are issued thereby eliminating liability for both the University and the student.

Faculty reporting will begin after the drop/add period has ended and after a student has attended at least one class session.

Faculty reporting of no-shows begins at 4:30 on the fifth day of class and lasts until noon of the eighth day of class (unless otherwise posted). Registrar will send emails to faculty notifying them of the exact dates.

Please be reminded that only students who have never attended a single class (or in the case of an online class, where the student has no documentation of class participation) should be reported as a No-Show. If a student attends one class but is no longer attending, DO NOT report that student as a No-Show.

Students reported as No-Show will not receive their Financial Aid remaining balance funds. If a student attends your class after you report or if you find that you have made an error, you can go back into the class roll and make the correction while reporting is open. Once reporting closes, the only way to correct the error is to email, Estella Dennard in the Registrar's Office on the Macon campus.

Once No-Show reporting closes the reported class (es) will be dropped from the student's schedule by the Registrar's Office. The No-Show class will be coded by the Registrar's Office with a “NS” in the BANNER registration form (SFAREGS). The student is no longer enrolled in the class and is not charged for the class reported as a NO-SHOW. All refunds, if appropriate, will be applied to the student's account by the Bursar's Office.

Instructions for Submitting "No Shows"

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No-Show Correction Form