Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students who receive federal student aid are required to meet basic eligibility requirements and make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Satisfactory academic progress is the process a school uses to determine if a student is meeting all educational requirements and is on target to successfully graduate with a degree or certificate. Middle Georgia State University’s SAP Policy is available here: SAP.

If you are not meeting all components of the SAP Policy, you have the opportunity to submit a SAP Appeal. By completing this appeal, you can explain any mitigating circumstances that prevented you from making academic progress during periods of enrollment. You are required to provide documentation to support your claim of mitigating circumstances. Once all requested documentation is received for your appeal, it will be reviewed, and you will be notified of outcome through your Campus Logic account.  

Please note that all appeal decisions are final and can neither be appealed through MGA Administration or the U. S. Department of Education. If you submit an appeal during the registration period, you are responsible for paying all tuition fees by the published payment deadline to prevent your classes from being cancelled due to non-payment.

Turnaround times for complete appeal submissions during non-peak periods will be within 30 days, and during peak periods may be as high as 60 days. The Office of Financial Aid will inform you of the results through the Campus Logic account.

Click here for appeal submission instructions: Submitting an Appeal for Review

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