Research Resources

In compliance with the Board of Regent's Business Procedure Manual (Section 12) applicable to all institutions of the University System of Georgia and MGA's Research Policy 12.1, various research training mandates have been instituted.During the Spring Semester 2020, we will be operating under a grace period/or optional adherence to the new policy, with the new requirements to go into effect during the 2020/2021 Academic Year. All personnel involved in the research (Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, Faculty Advisor, and data collectors/analyzers), including exempt review projects, must complete all required training and provide a certificate of completion with the IRB application.  There is no cost for training, but registration and completion is required through our approved vendor. You may complete the training in one session or return. After completion of the training courses, you will receive a certificate. Each training may have a specific time period of validity and will be indicated by policies and procedures approved by the Office of Academic Affairs and the IRB.