Additions and Changes to General Education Curriculum

As a University System of Georgia institution, Middle Georgia State University must comply with Board of Regents (BoR) policy and procedure about the development and approval of all general education (Core Curriculum) courses and programming. Section 2.4 of the BoR Academic and Student Affairs Handbook gives detailed information about general education classes, including approval procedures; guidelines for course inclusion in Areas A-F of the core; prerequisite and exceptions rules; and common core, prefixes, suffices, and descriptions. The USG website also offers guidance on appropriate content in Area F for many degrees and majors. Finally, all general education courses must align with MGA's BoR approved General Education Student Learning Outcomes. (Link to Catalog)

In addition to the basic MGA curriculum approval process, general education curriculum must also be approved by the MGA General Education Council, by the appropriate discipline-specific Regents Advisory Committee, and by the Regents General Education Council. Because the General Education Council meets infrequently, it is critical that those developing General Education curriculum closely follow the Curriculum Development and Approval Calendar.

General Education Curriculum Approval Workflow

General Education Curriculum Step-By-Step Approval Process

  1. A faculty member submits a curriculum proposal and submits a curriculum proposal to the department Chair (if applicable) and the school Dean for approval.
  2. The Dean submits the approved proposal to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  3. The Assistant Provost for Academic Planning and Policy reviews the proposal for compliance with institutional, Board of Regents, and SACSCOC policy and grants provisional approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.
  4. The General Education Council reviews all General Education proposals to assure they conform to Board of Regency General Education policy and procedure.
  5. The Council submits approved forms to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  6. The Office of Academic Affairs submits approved forms to the Academic Affairs Committee.
  7. The Academic Affairs Committee grants approval and submits approved forms to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  8. The Provost grants approval and submits approval from the Office of Academic Affairs and uses the BoR web form to submit the proposal to the appropriate Regents Advisory Committee.

General Education Proposal Forms