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  • When should I complete a Student Infraction/Complaint Form?

    You should complete a Student Infraction/Complaint Form when you believe a student has violated the Student Code of Conduct regarding academic misconduct. Before you complete the form, you should call the Office of Student Affairs at 478.757.7383 to determine if the student has a prior history of conduct violations.

    Regarding all other cases of misconduct, you are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Affairs at 478.757.7383 when you first realize a problem is occurring. Most of the time, inappropriate behavior can be corrected with early intervention.

  • Why should I file a charge of academic misconduct against a student? Why can't I just impose a penalty on the student?

    The College has a policy related to academic misconduct. This policy is designed to protect the rights of the student, to protect you, and to protect the College. When you chose to impose sanctions outside of policy guidelines, you are operating without the protection provided by the policy.

  • Regarding matters of Academic Misconduct, why should I call the Office of Academic Affairs before I approach the student?

    Contacting the Office of Student Affairs before approaching the student is a good idea because you need to know if the student has a prior history of misconduct. Meeting with students under these circumstances can be stressful for all parties involved and additional information will be of benefit to you.

  • Why should I follow the College's student conduct policies?

    The College's student conduct policies ensure that the constitutional rights of students are upheld. Consistent adherence to the policies by all College employees also ensure that all students are treated the same way every time, thereby reducing the likelihood of claims of discrimination.