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The President's Torch Society

Comprised of one representative from each of five campuses, one representative from each of six schools, the Georgia Academy and Graduate Studies, two at-large members, and the Presidential Intern, the Torch Society provides an opportunity for top scholars interested in leadership at Middle Georgia State to serve the university and the community by assisting with community engagement, recruiting and campus tours, graduation and other major institutional events. The President's Torch Society is a leadership honor society. Its members, a cross-section of our best and brightest students, make a commitment to representing MGA both on and off campus. They choose one leadership book each year from which to draw insight. They apply the books' principles to big and small tasks, polish their communication skills, learn about executive decision-making, mentor fellow students, and adhere to Plato's adage that "Those having torches will pass them on to others."

Membership is by invitation only, based on recommendations from faculty, administrators, and fellow students. No more than 17 candidates are selected each year. To nominate someone, contact .

Students can also self-nominate and apply for Torch.  To learn more, email us at .  We recruit spring and summer with new members joining in September in order to serve for the academic year.  Apply by August 31 to be considered for Fall 2021/Spring 2022 membership.

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Open To

  • Outstanding upperclassmen (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students)
  • At least one representative from each campus, college/academic discipline


  • 3.0 GPA
  • Recommendation from a faculty member, administrator, or current Torch Society member
  • One-year commitment for Campus, College/School, and At-Large Reps
  • One-year commitment for Presidential Interns (ex officio), Georgia Academy and Graduate Studies Reps
  • 40 hours of service per year to campus and community (20 hours per semester)


  • Training in leadership, communication, networking
  • Mentoring and public speaking opportunities
  • A membership blazer and tshirt
  • Letter of recommendation and or reference for members in good standing
  • Honors stole at graduation