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An Adult Leaner.

Adult Learning at MGA

Nearly one-third of Middle Georgia State University students are adult learners. We provide the academic programs, flexible schedules, online options, and economic value non-traditional students want and need.

Are you a student 25 years of age or older considering going back to college or taking the first step in starting college? Join us!

If you are visiting our site, you know that an extra university degree is not just for young adults. Today’s workers and mid-career professionals change jobs and responsibilities every few years. To be successful and to grow professionally, you will need more training and more certifications. If you’ve begun a college degree in the past, why not look into completing your degree with Middle Georgia State University? Finish your Core Classes with us or complete prerequisites for target programs.

If you had a rough start when you first attended, ask us about our Academic Renewal process. We also provide comprehensive Veterans and Military Services for those who have worn the uniform of our country.

You may even wish to begin a new graduate degree designed for the working adult and career-track employees. Please visit the Office of Graduate Studies. Located face-to-face at the Warner Robins Campus or offered completely online, you can complete a master’s degree for about $10,000. And, the value of any college or graduate degree grows every year of your working life. Don’t forget that parents who go to college have children who go to college. Why not attend the same school as your kids? Be a role model and take pride in a family tradition of education. Take a look at this link to compare Undergraduate Tuition and Graduate Tuition.

MGA does, in fact, deliver some of the least expensive degrees in the University System of Georgia. And the lifelong value of a college education in salary cannot be overlooked. Calculate your earning potential by reviewing this link.

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