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Veterans Office

Need Veterans Certification?

The Veterans Certification Office can assist students with the processing of VA forms required for educational benefits, but is primarily concerned with the certification of student enrollment to the VA so that students can receive their benefits. After admission to the university, through Veterans & Military Services, students should contact the VA certification coordinator to make an appointment to begin the process of applying for their benefits. The following documents should be available when making application:

  • DD Form 214
  • Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) (Required for those who are in the National Guard or Reserves)
  • Kicker/Buy up documentation (If eligible)
  • University Fund documentation (If eligible)


Students who need the University to certify their enrollment to the VA in order to receive benefits must notify the VA Certification Office each semester after registering for classes.

How does certification work

Students are certified according to VA rules for each term or mini-term enrolled. For example, a student registered for a 1st session and a full or regular session during a semester would be certified separately for each term. The length of the terms is also defined by the VA as beginning with the first day of class and ending with the last day of exams as published in the school calendar. The length of the term translates to a number of weeks which is used in conjunction with the number of hours enrolled which equates to the student's Training Time status (Full time, 3/4 time etc.). For example, the Full Fall 2006 semester at Middle Georgia State University was calculated per VA requirements at 117 days or rounded to 17 weeks. For full-time training status the student must take 12 or more hours. Shorter terms require less hours. For example, a Summer Maymester lasting 2 weeks would only require one 3 hour course for a student to be full time for that mini-term. Students should always consult with the VA Certification Office if they are uncertain about the training status.

University Billing

Students receiving VA benefits are responsible for paying all University bills. Since the VA is required by law to pay students benefits directly, students should plan accordingly to fulfill their financial obligations to the University in a timely manner. The Atlanta processing center normally takes 8-10 weeks to process new education claims. The University does participate in the VA Advance Pay, but such application is required to be submitted to the VA at least 45 days prior to the beginning of the semester.

Veterans Benefit Information

Important News: Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008.

  • Students are encouraged to find information concerning their benefits the Web at the VA Web site (click here). before meeting with the VA certification coordinator. The site contains information on the various educational benefit programs available, payment rates, forms and includes a comprehensive FAQ covering any questions veterans may have.
  • The University System of Georgia Veterans Web Site is another site with useful information for veterans.

Priority Registration

Middle Georgia State University Veterans are allowed to register in priority order. For more information on priority registration click here.

Change of Program

The VA requires prompt notification whenever a student changes his or her program. Students who change their majors must immediately visit the VA Certification Office to complete a Form 22-1995 (Request for Change of Program or Place of Training) or Form 22-5495 (Chapter 35) to apply for a change of program. The Certification Office continually audits students' majors in the Banner Student Information System to ascertain the major program reported to the VA is correct. Students are notified when they are not in compliance and are requested to complete the required forms for VA approval.

Academic Residency

Middle Georgia State University limits academic residency to no more than twenty-five percent of the degree requirements for all undergraduate degrees for active-duty service members. Academic residency can be completed at any time while active-duty service members are enrolled. Reservists and National Guardsmen on active-duty are covered in the same manner.

Additional resources

Contact a V A Certification Specialist:

Macon/WR Campus, SLC

Dian Mitchell, Registrar
Phone: 478.471.2900
Fax: 478.757.2621

Jonathan Almendras
Phone: 478.757.2681
Cochran/Eastman/Dublin Campus, Grace Hall

Jamiah Walker
Phone: 478.934.6406
Fax: 478.934.3049

Jed Edge
Phone: 478.934.3036
Fax: 478.934.3049