Testing Accommodations

Middle Georgia State University is committed to assisting students in regards to testing. The Office of Accessibility Services will work alongside Testing Services to ensure all students have all testing accommodations met.

We understand many of these accommodations will overlap. If any questions arise, please contact the Office of Accessibility Services, and we will be happy to offer clarification and direct you to the appropriate office if needed.

Accommodated Testing

For students registered with Accessibility Services who receive the following accommodations ONLY, you may register to take your exam with Testing Services:

  • Time + ½
  • Time x2
  • Quiet Room for testing
  • Private Room for testing

Students: To register for your test, please familiarize yourself with Testing Services policies and procedures by contacting their office:

Instructors: According to Testing Services policy, the instructor must contact Testing Services at least ten (10) business days prior to your course test and complete their Faculty Proctoring Request Form.

478.471.2050 in Macon & Warner Robins
478.934.3093 in Cochran, Eastman, & Dublin

Macon, SLC Room 221
Cochran, Grace Hall Basement
Warner Robins, Academic Services Room 223
Dublin, Room DUB-216<br/Eastman, Check with Admission Receptionist

Disability Accommodations At MGA:

For students receiving the following accommodations, students must contact Accessibility Services prior to your course test:

  • Scribe
  • Reader
  • Speech-to-text software
  • No Scantron testing
  • Ability to write directly on test
  • Word Processor

Instructors: Complete the Accessibility Testing Proctoring Request Form, and return to the Accessibility Service Provider (along with test materials) at least three (3) business days prior to test date. On the form, please indicate if the student is receiving any of the following accommodations under “Students Can Use” box:

  • Calculator
  • Formula sheet
  • Enlarged print
  • Word Bank

If your student is receiving the accommodations mentioned above, their Accessibility Service Provider (ASO) will be your point of contact for all exams. If you are unsure of the ASO, please ask the student, or see their Student Accommodation Letter.

Disability Testing Protocol and Expectations

The Office of Accessibility Services requires a minimum of three (3) business days’ notice before any test can be proctored. This ensures adequate assistance for the student, and time to make necessary arrangements for proper proctoring. The Office of Accessibility Services also requires that:

  1. The student notifies the instructor in advance if printed materials or alternative means of testing are needed so s/he can provide materials to the appropriate office.
  2. Instructor completes the Accessibility Testing Proctoring Request Form and returns completed form to the Accessibility Service Provider (along with any test materials) at least 3 business days before test.
  3. The student reports to the Office of Accessibility Services at the appointed time and date, and provides proper identification when requested.
  4. The student brings only pre-approved materials to the testing area.
  5. No personal belongings are permitted in the testing room without prior approval by the instructor and/or the student’s Accessibility Service Provider (ASO).
  6. After beginning an exam, the student cannot leave the testing area until the exam is complete unless specified in his/her accommodations with Accessibility Services.
Student Reminders:
  • If a student is caught cheating, the test will be suspended immediately and the student will not be allowed to complete the exam in the Accessibility Services Office.
  • If a student fails to notify the instructor during the allotted time frame, Accessibility Services can deny admission to the student.
  • If a student is late to test and does not have a valid excuse, s/he will not be given extra time to compensate for tardiness. 

All other testing accommodations should be met by the instructor and/or Testing Services. 

Admissions And Advancement Testing:

To apply to receive accommodations through ETS® (GREGACETOEFLSATCLEP) please visit https://www.ets.org/disabilities/test_takers/ for more information on the accommodation process.

The Office of Accessibility Services is committed to serving our students and we’re happy to assist in this process. Please set an appointment with your Accessibility Service Provider to discuss ETS® accommodation information as needed.