Distance, Online and Graduate Students

The Office of Accessibility Services offers materials and resources to students that are taking courses via online or distance learning. With approved documentation from the Accessibility Office, students can access some of the following resources.

  • Technology Services
    Students can have access to adaptive technology including text to speech software, CCTV, computerized note taking, closed captioning software, Braille embossing, speech recognition software, and screen magnification software.
  • Testing Modifications
    With proper documentation, students may be eligible for extended testing time, private testing spaces, readers, or scribes.
  • Priority Registration
    Students registered with the Office of Accessibility Services who have presented appropriate documentation of a qualified disability are eligible for priority registration and are permitted to register on the first day of early registration, regardless of their academic classification.

Online and Distance Learning Students making inquiries are encouraged to email the director at  or call the Macon campus at 478.471.2985 for assistance.