System Access Request Process


  1. Data Steward submits the MGA System Request Form and notifies the appropriate Data Custodian via email that a form has been submitted.

    For a list of Data Stewards and Custodians for each system review the System Contacts spreadsheet HEREAll academic unit access requests will need to go through the appropriate Dean who is the approved Data Steward.
  1. Data Custodians will then record their changes in the System Request Workflow document.
  2. Data Custodians will inform the Data Stewards via email when the request has been completed in which the Steward will notify the Data User of the system access changes. 

Defined Roles

  • Data Trustee: typically VP/Cabinet-level individuals responsible for the data in their data areas 
  • Data Steward: typically Directors, Deans, and Associate Provosts responsible for approving new and modified access requests
  • Data Custodian: individuals who manage the actual data and are responsible for making the requested access changes in the system
  • Data User: any MGA employee who has been granted authorization to access institutional data 

For detailed role responsibilities please refer to the Data Stewardship and Access Standard. You can also review a full list of approved Trustees and Stewards on the Data Governance webpage under the Data Trustee and Stewards tab.

For any questions or concerns regarding this system access request process please contact .


Process to Terminate Access for employees leaving MGA 

The same MGA System Access Request Form is also filled out when an employee is leaving the institution and permissions need to be terminated. The Data Steward that the employee leaving reports to will be responsible for completing the steps below. For a full list of approved Data Stewards please refer to the Data Governance webpage under the Data Trustee and Stewards tab.  

  1. Data Steward will email with employee name and ID to identify the current systems the employee has access to. 
    • The systems the employee has access to will be sent back to Steward.  
  2. Data Steward fills out the MGA System Access Request Form for each system as each system has different Data Custodians responsible for permissions. 
    1. Select an appropriate system to terminate access
    2. Select “Terminate Access” under Access Request Type
    3. Select “Leaving MGA” under Employment Status
    4. Send email to appropriate Data Custodian notifying them that form has been submitted 
    5. Repeat a through d for each system 
  3. Data Custodian will terminate access and notify the Data Steward once complete. 
  4. Data Steward signs off on the Data Governance section of the clearance checklist as documentation showing that all access has been terminated. 

For a list of Data Stewards and Custodians for each system review the System Contacts spreadsheet HERE.