Data Governance

The University System of Georgia Business Procedures Manual Section 12.2.1 requires each USG organization to establish a data governance structure. The data governance structure will demonstrate accountabilities for the data assets of the organization to ensure proper use and handling of data being read, created, collected, reported, updated or deleted.

MGA has organized a Data Governance Implementation Team as part of this effort and in coordination with the Global Data Governance Committee will institute policy and practice to meet best practice standards and ensure compliance with the USG Business Procedures Manual Section 12.


Information is a strategic asset of all University System of Georgia (USG) organizations and is critical to administration, planning and decision-making. Effective and responsible use of information requires that data is secure, well documented, and accessible for use by authorized, trained personnel. To that end, Business Procedures Manual Section 12 provides the data governance infrastructure and management practices that USG organizations must have in place.

Data Governance Framework