Housing Rates

Our goal is to provide you with a valuable and convenient living experience, and we believe that our rates reflect that commitment. Our housing rates also include utilities, such as electricity and water, and access to high-speed internet, which can save you money compared to off-campus options. Compared to local housing options, our rates are some of the most affordable in the area and often are less than the price of nearby apartment complexes.

Please ensure that you review our housing requirements and also explore our residence hall types on our Cochran, Macon, and Eastman campuses to determine what is the appropriate housing location and hall type for you.

2024 - 2025 Housing Rates:

Housing Rates for Cochran Campus
Anderson Hall 10-Month Lease Price/Semester: $2,775 (Double Occupancy); $3,800 (Single Occupancy)
Gateway Hall 10-Month Lease Price/Semester: $3,400 (Single Occupancy)
Harris Hall 12-Month Lease Price/Semester: $4,000 (Single Occupancy)
Regents Hall 10-Month Lease Price/Semester: $3,400 (Single Occupancy)
Knights Hall 10-Month Lease Price/Semester: $3,400 (Single Occupancy)


Housing Rates for Macon Campus
Lakeview Pointe 10-Month Lease Price/Semester: $3,400 (Double Occupancy)
University Pointe 12-Month Lease Price/Semester: $4,200 (Single Occupancy)


Housing Rates for Eastman Campus
Aviation Hall 12-Month Lease Price/Semester: $4,200 (Single Occupancy)

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