Student Success Center Staff

Sandy Callaway Sandy Callaway, M.B.A.

WRC Academic Support Specialist
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Spanish I, Business Courses, Excel, and Economics
Unique skills and talents: Coaching and Organization
Favorite course to tutor: Quantitative Methods
Hobbies: Painting figurines

Picture Unavailable

Devon Raleigh
Macon Campus Academic Support Specialist
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Information Technology
Unique skills and talents: Spotting computers in films, attention to detail
Favorite course to tutor: Web Development and Networking Essentials
Hobbies: Vintage computers, classic cars, playing the piano and reed organ, space exploration, road trips

Brock Giddens

Director of Student Success Services
Professional Academic Advisor - School of Education and Behavioral Sciences 
Grace Hall 2nd Floor, Office 222
Phone: 478.934.3106

Paul Johnson Paul Johnson, M.B.A.

Macon Campus Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Education, Finance, History, Management, Music, Physical Science and Reading.
Unique skills and talents: Identifying birds by their calls.
Favorite course to tutor: Physical Science
Hobbies: Observing Wildlife, Playing Guitar, Writing, Art

Jeannie Ruggerio Jeannie Ruggerio, M.P.A.

WRC Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: English, Political Science, Communication and Public Service.
Unique skills and talents: Painting and Writing
Favorite course to tutor: Political Science
Hobbies: Reading and Traveling

Picture Unavailable Dr. Stephen Svonavec

Director of Academic Initiatives
Dublin Campus, Library Bldg., Room 200
Phone: 478.275.6769


Ashli Axtell

Ashli Axtell
(Macon Campus)
Contemporary Music
Unique skills and talents:
Befriending fussy cats, creating latte art, reciting the entire script of
the first two Ninja Turtles movies from the 90s
Favorite course to tutor: 
Anything music related
Playing music, ceramics, D&D, looking at cat memes

Abigail Dillon

Abigail Dillon
(Macon Campus)
Chemistry, English, Macon, Anatomy
Major :
Unique Skills and Talents:
really good listener and very patient
Favorite course to tutor:
Statistics and Chemistry
Reading, Hiking, Rollerskating

Ty Kersey Joseph "Ty" Kersey
(Dublin Campus)
CRLA Level II (Advanced) Certified Tutor
Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Microbiology, Human Development, Political Science,
and Nursing Courses
Nursing- BSN
Unique skills and talents:
Cell phone repair, bass guitar
Favorite courses to tutor:
Anatomy & Physiology I, Medical/Surgical Nursing
Building computers, studying linux systems and watching anime
John Lewis

John Lewis
(Macon Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Biology, English
Major: Nursing
Unique skills and talents: Pool, weight lifting
Favorite course to tutor: A&P II
Hobbies: Pool, reading, anime

Spenser Marshall

Spenser Marshall
(Eastman Campus)
Tutors: Private Pilot Ground School
Major: Aviation Science & Management
Favorite Subject to Tutor: Navigation Skills, Charts
Unique Skills and Talents: Putting together a mean French toast breakfast, Befriending almost any cat
Hobbies: Anime, Gaming, Cooking, Archery

Victoria Ndimande Victoria Ndimande
(Macon Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: English, Psychology, Mathematics, American Government and Sociology
Major: Nursing
Unique skills and talent: Can speak Xhosa, Ndebele and Zulu fluently
Favorite course to tutor: Mathematics and Psychology
Hobbies: Watching documentaries and listening to philosophers
Alexandria Patton Alexandria Patton
(Warner Robins Campus and Online)
Tutors: NURS 3001 - Fundamentals of Nursing, NURS 3110 - Patho-Pharmacology,
NURS 3200 - Physical Assessment, NURS 3210 - Physical Assessment Health Examination
Documentation Practices, NURS 3330 - Nursing Research Methods
Semester: Second
Unique skills and talents: Voice, guitar, piano, fiber arts
Favorite course to tutor: Patho-Pharmacology
Hobbies: Reading, writing, knitting, crochet, weaving
Gabriella Taunton-Carcamo

Gabriella Taunton-Carcamo
(Macon Campus and Warner Robins Campus)
CRLA Level II (Advanced) Certified Tutor
Biology, English, Math, Spanish
Major: BSN
Unique skills and talents: Spanish as a first language
Favorite course to tutor: Spanish, Biology, and Statistics
Hobbies: Reading old-time novels, watching Netflix, and listening to music

Russell Stephenson

Russell Stephenson
(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Psychology
Major: Psychology
Unique Skills and Talents: American Sign Language
Favorite Course to Tutor: Psychology
Hobbies: Playing guitar, soccer, and video games

Will Taylor

Will Traylor
(Dublin Campus)

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