Student Success Center Staff

Sandy Callaway Sandy Callaway, M.B.A.

WRC Academic Support Specialist
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Spanish I, Business Courses, Excel, and Economics
Unique skills and talents: Coaching and Organization
Favorite course to tutor: Quantitative Methods
Hobbies: Painting figurines

Picture Unavailable

Devon Raleigh
Macon Campus Academic Support Specialist
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Information Technology
Unique skills and talents: Spotting computers in films, attention to detail
Favorite course to tutor: Web Development and Networking Essentials
Hobbies: Road trips, classic cars, and collecting and restoring vintage computers

Brock Giddens

Director of Student Success Services
Professional Academic Advisor - School of Education and Behavioral Sciences 
Grace Hall 2nd Floor, Office 222
Phone: 478.934.3106

Paul Johnson Paul Johnson, M.B.A.

Macon Campus Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Education, Finance, History, Management, Music, Physical Science and Reading.
Unique skills and talents: Identifying birds by their calls.
Favorite course to tutor: Physical Science
Hobbies: Observing Wildlife, Playing Guitar, Writing, Art

Jeannie Ruggerio Jeannie Ruggerio, M.P.A.

WRC Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: English, Political Science, Communication and Public Service.
Unique skills and talents: Painting and Writing
Favorite course to tutor: Political Science
Hobbies: Reading and Traveling

Picture Unavailable Dr. Stephen Svonavec

Director of Academic Initiatives
Dublin Campus, Library Bldg., Room 200
Phone: 478.275.6769


Theo Amporful

Theo Amporful
(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
Major: Biology
Unique skills and talents: Good listener and easy learner
Favorite course to tutor: Chemistry
Hobbies: Watching and playing soccer, watching science fiction movies

Abigail Dillon

Abigail Dillon
(Macon Campus)
Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, English, Math
Unique Skills and Talents:
really good listener and very patient
Favorite course to tutor:
Statistics and Chemistry
Reading, Hiking, Rollerskating

Haley Kassum Haley Kassum
(Macon Campus)
Ty Kersey Joseph "Ty" Kersey
(Dublin Campus)
CRLA Level II (Advanced) Certified Tutor
Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Microbiology, Human Development, Political Science,
and Nursing Courses
Nursing- BSN
Unique skills and talents:
Cell phone repair, bass guitar
Favorite courses to tutor:
Anatomy & Physiology I, Medical/Surgical Nursing
Building computers, studying linux systems and watching anime
Cierra Lowe

Cierra Lowe
(Macon Campus)
Organic Chemistry I, Principles of Chemistry I, Intro Biology, College Algebra,
American Government, Physics, and Statistics
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies / Post-Baccalaureate
Unique skills and talents: Listening, Drawing and Painting
Favorite courses to tutor:
Chemistry and Mathematics
Playing basketball, traveling, painting, cooking, drawing, and listening to vintage records

Spenser Marshall

Spenser Marshall
(Eastman Campus)
Tutors: Private Pilot Ground School
Major: Aviation Science & Management
Favorite Subject to Tutor: Navigation Skills, Charts
Unique Skills and Talents: Putting together a mean French toast breakfast, Befriending almost any cat
Hobbies: Anime, Gaming, Cooking, Archery

Victoria Ndimande Victoria Ndimande
(Macon Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: English, Psychology, Mathematics, American Government and Sociology
Major: Nursing
Unique skills and talent: Can speak Xhosa, Ndebele and Zulu fluently
Favorite course to tutor: Mathematics and Psychology
Hobbies: Watching documentaries and listening to philosophers
Alexandria Patton Alexandria Patton
(Warner Robins Campus and Online)
Tutors: NURS 3001 - Fundamentals of Nursing, NURS 3110 - Patho-Pharmacology,
NURS 3200 - Physical Assessment, NURS 3210 - Physical Assessment Health Examination
Documentation Practices, NURS 3330 - Nursing Research Methods
Semester: Second
Unique skills and talents: Voice, guitar, piano, fiber arts
Favorite course to tutor: Patho-Pharmacology
Hobbies: Reading, writing, knitting, crochet, weaving
Russell Stephenson

Russell Stephenson
(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Psychology
Major: Psychology
Unique Skills and Talents: American Sign Language
Favorite Course to Tutor: Psychology
Hobbies: Playing guitar, soccer, and video games

Will Taylor

Will Traylor
(Dublin Campus)

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