Student Success Center Staff

Sandy Callaway Sandy Callaway, M.B.A.

WRC Academic Support Specialist
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Spanish I, Business Courses, Excel, and Economics
Unique skills and talents: Coaching and Organization
Favorite course to tutor: Quantitative Methods
Hobbies: Painting figurines

Picture Unavailable

Devon Raleigh
Macon Campus Academic Support Specialist
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Information Technology
Unique skills and talents: Spotting computers in films, attention to detail
Hobbies: Vintage computers, classic cars, playing the piano and reed organ, space exploration, road trips

Brock Giddens Brock Giddens

Director of Student Success Services
Roberts Library 303
Phone: 478.934.3106

Paul Johnson Paul Johnson, M.B.A.

Macon Campus Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Education, Finance, History, Management, Music, Physical Science, Reading, and MSCC 1000.
Unique skills and talents: Identifying birds by their calls.
Favorite course to tutor: Physical Science
Hobbies: Observing Wildlife, Playing Guitar, Writing, Art

Jeannie Ruggerio Jeannie Ruggerio, M.P.A.

WRC Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: English, Political Science, Communication, Public Service, and MSCC 1000
Unique skills and talents: Painting and Writing
Favorite course to tutor: Political Science
Hobbies: Reading and Traveling

Picture Unavailable Stephen Svonavec

Dublin Campus Director
Dublin Campus, Dublin Bldg., Room 224
Phone: 478.275.6769


Ruth Compton Ruth Compton

(Warner Robins Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, History, and Spanish
Major: Business
Skills: Organized and Compassionate
Favorite course to tutor: Spanish
Hobbies: Reading, Playing Violin, Creating Art Projects

Laurel Faye

Laurel Faye
(Macon Campus)
Tutors: All levels of French, all levels of Spanish, English, American Government, U.S History
Hobbies: Reading, Knitting, Hiking, learning obscure languages
Major: Biology/International Studies with a minor in Spanish
Favorite courses to tutor: French and Spanish
Skills: Speaks five languages

Kimberlee Fernandez

Kimberlee Fernandez 
(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Biology, English, History, Math, Spanish
Major: Biology, Spanish, Nursing
Unique skills and talents: Loves teaching and is patient
Favorite course to tutor: Biology, especially anatomy
Hobbies: Dancing, exercising, Netflixing, cooking

Kadia Kane Kadia Kane

(Macon Campus) 
Tutors: Biology, English, History
Major: Biology, currently HSA
Unique skills and talents: Photographic memory
Favorite course to tutor: Anatomy II
Hobbies: Watching T.V., vacationing

John Lewis

John Lewis
(Macon Campus)
Biology, English
Major: Nursing
Unique skills and talents: Pool, weight lifting
Favorite course to tutor: A&P II
Hobbies: Pool, reading, anime

Natalie Mcever Natalie Mcever

(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Math, Communications, Physics
Unique skills and talents: play the ukulele, quote every line from Forrest Gump
Favorite subject to tutor: Anatomy and Physiology
Hobbies: furniture restoration, DIY, hiking, kayaking

Albert McManus Albert McManus
(Macon Campus and Warner Robins Campus)
Tutors: Nursing Pharmacology, Chemistry, English, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology
Major: Nursing
Skills: Abstract Conceptualizations, Critical Thinking, and Distinguishing Patterns
Favorite course to tutor: Pharmacology
Hobbies: Creative Writing, Watching Films, and Reading Books (all kinds, but especially those on philosophy!)
Ethan Perfect Ethan Perfect
(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Math up to Calculus 3 including Statistics, all Physics courses, Chemistry, English, History, and Psychology
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Skills: Analogies, Dedicated, Outside sources to sessions
Favorite courses to tutor: Calculus, Algebra, Chemistry, and Physics
Hobbies: Running, Watching “The Office”, Reading, Working
Anakin Seich

Anakin Seich
(Macon Campus)
Biology, English, History, Math, Physics
Major: Biology - Premed
Unique skills and talents: Can name every country in the world and their locations
Favorite course to tutor: Physics, Calculus, Biology
Hobbies: History, Dissections, Microscopy, Insects, Cartography, Running

Gabriella Taunton-Carcamo Gabriella Taunton-Carcamo
(Macon Campus and Warner Robins Campus)
Biology, English, Math, Spanish
Molly Traylor Molly Traylor

(Cochran Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math Modeling, English 1101, Writing
Major: English
Skills: Open-minded, organized, decisive
Favorite course to tutor: Writing in English 1101
Hobbies: Exercising, writing, and exploring

Hannah Tuck Hannah Tuck

(Warner Robins Campus)
Tutors: Math and English Courses
Major: Business Management