Student Success Center Staff

Sandy Callaway Sandy Callaway, M.B.A.

WRC Academic Support Specialist
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Spanish I, Business Courses, Excel, and Economics
Unique skills and talents: Coaching and Organization
Favorite course to tutor: Quantitative Methods
Hobbies: Painting figurines

Picture Unavailable

Devon Raleigh
Macon Campus Academic Support Specialist
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Information Technology
Unique skills and talents: Spotting computers in films, attention to detail
Hobbies: Vintage computers, classic cars, playing the piano and reed organ, space exploration, road trips

Brock Giddens Brock Giddens

Director of Student Success Services
Roberts Library 303
Phone: 478.934.3106

Paul Johnson Paul Johnson, M.B.A.

Macon Campus Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Education, Finance, History, Management, Music, Physical Science, Reading, and MSCC 1000.
Unique skills and talents: Identifying birds by their calls.
Favorite course to tutor: Physical Science
Hobbies: Observing Wildlife, Playing Guitar, Writing, Art

Jeannie Ruggerio Jeannie Ruggerio, M.P.A.

WRC Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: English, Political Science, Communication, Public Service, and MSCC 1000
Unique skills and talents: Painting and Writing
Favorite course to tutor: Political Science
Hobbies: Reading and Traveling

Picture Unavailable Stephen Svonavec

Dublin Campus Director
Dublin Campus, Dublin Bldg., Room 224
Phone: 478.275.6769


Ruth Compton Ruth Compton

(Warner Robins Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, History, and Spanish
Major: Business
Skills: Organized and Compassionate
Favorite course to tutor: Spanish
Hobbies: Reading, Playing Violin, Creating Art Projects

Austin Meadows Roman Deluna

(Warner Robins Campus)

Kimberlee Fernandez

Kimberlee Fernandez 
(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Biology, English, History, Math, Spanish
Major: Biology, Spanish, Nursing
Unique skills and talents: Loves teaching and is patient
Favorite course to tutor: Biology, especially anatomy
Hobbies: Dancing, exercising, Netflixing, cooking

Mitchell Harrell Mitchell Harrell

(Macon Campus) 
Tutors: Music
Major: Music
Unique skills and talents: Target shooting
Favorite course to tutor: Elementary theory
Hobbies: Hiking, camping, biking

Kadia Kane Kadia Kane

(Macon Campus) 
Tutors: Biology, English, History
Major: Biology, currently HSA
Unique skills and talents: Photographic memory
Favorite course to tutor: Anatomy II
Hobbies: Watching T.V., vacationing

Joseph Kersey TY Kersey

(Cochran, Dublin campuses) 
Tutors: Anatomy and Physiology, English, Political Science, History, Macroeconomics, Psychology
Major: Nursing
Unique skills and talents: Can cook minute rice in 58 seconds
Favorite course to tutor: Anatomy and Physiology
Hobbies: Shred the bass guitar, listen to Metallica

John Lewis

John Lewis
(Macon Campus)
Biology, English
Major: Nursing
Unique skills and talents: Pool, weight lifting
Favorite course to tutor: A&P II
Hobbies: Pool, reading, anime

Austin Meadows

Spenser Marshall
(Eastman Campus)

Austin Meadows Austin Meadows
(Macon Campus)
Chemistry, English, Physics
Chemical Engineer
Unique skills and talents:
Plays piano, clarinet, and ukulele
Favorite course to tutor: 
Chem 1211
Video games during free time
Natalie Mcever Natalie Mcever

(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Math, Communications, Physics
Unique skills and talents: play the ukulele, quote every line from Forrest Gump
Favorite subject to tutor: Anatomy and Physiology
Hobbies: furniture restoration, DIY, hiking, kayaking

Albert McManus Albert McManus
(Macon Campus and Warner Robins Campus)
Tutors: Nursing Pharmacology, Chemistry, English, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology
Major: Nursing
Skills: Abstract Conceptualizations, Critical Thinking, and Distinguishing Patterns
Favorite course to tutor: Pharmacology
Hobbies: Creative Writing, Watching Films, and Reading Books (all kinds, but especially those on philosophy!)
Austin Meadows Andrea Mines
Austin Meadows Victoria Ndimande
Romil Patel Romil Patel
(Dublin Campus)
Information Technology
Organized and Compassionate
 Watching Netflix and Listening to Music
Ethan Perfect Ethan Perfect
(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Math up to Calculus 3 including Statistics, all Physics courses, Chemistry, English, History, and Psychology
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Skills: Analogies, Dedicated, Outside sources to sessions
Favorite courses to tutor: Calculus, Algebra, Chemistry, and Physics
Hobbies: Running, Watching “The Office”, Reading, Working
Austin Meadows Yenamala Reddy
John Robinson Zach Robinson
(Dublin, Macon Campus)
Tutors: Math
Major: Mathematics
Skills: Problem-solving, Music
Favorite courses to tutor: Calculus, Statistics
Anakin Seich

Anakin Seich
(Macon Campus)
Biology, English, History, Math, Physics
Major: Biology - Premed
Unique skills and talents: Can name every country in the world and their locations
Favorite course to tutor: Physics, Calculus, Biology
Hobbies: History, Dissections, Microscopy, Insects, Cartography, Running

Austin Meadows

Logan Smith

Gabriella Taunton-Carcamo

Gabriella Taunton-Carcamo
(Macon Campus and Warner Robins Campus)
Biology, English, Math, Spanish
Major: BSN
Unique skills and talents: Spanish as a first language
Favorite course to tutor: Spanish, Biology, and Statistics
Hobbies: Reading old-time novels, watching Netflix, and listening to music

Austin Meadows

TJ Terrell

Michelle Tonge

Michelle Tonge
(Cochran Campus)
 Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, English
Unique skills and talents:
 Motivated, Positive, Organized
Favorite course to tutor:
 Organic Chemistry
 Anime, Traveling, Reading

Austin Meadows

Makayla Virdi