About the SSC

What is the Student Success Center?

The Student Success Centers (SSCs) provides academic assistance to undergraduate and graduate students. 

Professional and Peer Certified Tutors

Tutors are provided for both content-specific assistance as well as general topics such as study skills and time management. Tutors are required to complete a training program certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) and seek certification at the Regular, Advanced, and Master levels. 

Open-Use Computer Labs and workstations

Each SSC location has computer workstations for student use. Some locations also have labs.The computers in the SSCs are loaded with the latest software available on campus.

Macon SSC:

  • Ninety computer workstations (including three Macintosh computers and one assistive technology workstations)
  • Two computer labs with 30 workstations and one instructor station each. 

Cochran SSC:

  • Thirty computer workstations located in the Learning Support lab along with one instructor station.
  • Humanities lab and a computer lab which houses 24 workstations each plus one instructor station each. 
  • Five computer workstations.  

Dublin SSC

  • Five computer workstations available for student use.

Eastman SSC

  • Three computer workstations in the student success/SSC area.
  • Three computer workstations in the Library area along with one instructor station. 

Warner Robins SSC

  • Fifty-six computer workstations (including one assistive technology workstation and four Macintosh workstations).
Printing and Scanning Resources for Students

Each semester, students are given $30.00 of allocated printing in the SSCs paid by Technology Fees. Black-and-white prints are charged $0.10 per page and color prints are charged $0.50 per page. Students are encouraged to print double-sided when possible, which reduces the cost to $0.05 per page for black-and-white prints and $0.25 per page for color prints. Students may pay to increase their print allowance, if needed. The allotted printing does not roll over to the next semester. The SSCs also provides scanners for student use.

Study Rooms for Group Study

On the Macon campus, 13 rooms are available for small or large group study. Some study rooms are equipped with computers for group project work and all have tables, chairs, and white boards.

On the Dublin campus, there are three study rooms for small group study.

On the Warner Robins campus, there are three rooms available for small or large group study.

Contact Information

Brock Giddens, SSC Director, can be contacted at:

Paul Johnson, the Macon SSC Coordinator, can be contacted at:

  • Phone: 478.471.2057 / Email:  
  • First floor - Library

Stephen Svonavec on the Dublin campus can be contacted at:

Andrea Yawn, who oversees the Eastman center, can be contacted at:

Jeannie Ruggerio, the WRC SSC Coordinator can be contacted at: