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Tutoring is available free of charge on all MGA campuses for currently enrolled students. To view center contact information, subjects tutored, and tutor availability, go to the SSC website at SSC tutoring sessions may be scheduled online and face-to-face through the “Book an Appointment” link on the Student Success Center website. Other services at the SSC include online academic workshops and a robust website with resources for academic assistance. The centers also have computer workstations, printing, and Internet access.

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How to get the most out of a tutoring session:

  1. Start right away. Students who begin tutoring from the beginning of the semester typically do better than those who wait.
  2. Book your appointments early. During peak hours, you may need to book a week in advance to get the times you want.
  3. Come prepared. Please bring your syllabus, class notes, textbook, and specific assignment. Look over the readings and try the problems. If you can, bring a list of specific questions. The more you prepare, the more you will get out of the session.
  4. Tutoring is not a substitute for attending class! If you miss a class, first get notes from a classmate.