The Writing Centers

All students and all majors are welcome!

The Writing Centers on the Macon, Cochran, and Dublin campuses are open to all students in all majors who may need tutorial assistance with their writing. Simply walk in on the days and during the hours posted on the Writing Center door. Faculty or student tutors will be available during posted times.

Macon: 226 Teacher Education Building. Hours: 11am-5pm Monday-Thursday. Contact Dr. Sharon E. Colley at or 478.471.3542 for tutoring availability.

Cochran: Russell Hall 309. Contact Dr. Chris Cairney at or 478.934.3349 for hours and tutoring availability.

Writing Center Services

Writing Center tutors do:

  • Read papers with students present.
  • Provide feedback, offer suggestions for improvement, and explain concepts in grammar, usage, mechanics, and documentation.
  • Provide professional advice on a good-faith basis (students decide how to respond to the advice given them as they go on to write their own papers).
  • Help point the way for students on research (where to find and how to incorporate research content).
  • Provide on-demand anti-plagiarism guidance.
  • Provide immediate practical writing assistance to students.
  • Foster in students life-long learning skills such as self-reflection and self-reliance as learners.
  • Listen to students describe their plans for revision after the tutoring session ends.

Writing Center tutors do not:

  • Write papers for students.
  • “Proofread” whole papers.
  • Determine a topic for a paper, interpret the writing assignment given by a professor, or conduct research for the student.