Department of English

Middle Georgia State University’s Department of English offers students an opportunity to study with a community of dynamic and highly qualified faculty members, many publishing regularly and all committed to teaching and learning. Three of our current faculty members have been recipients of the institution’s Excellence in Teaching Award. Working closely with experts in the field of English, students develop strong critical thinking, writing, research, and communication skills as they explore and investigate the great works of literature and culture. Through discussion and writing, students demonstrate and develop their ability to think critically, to argue persuasively, and to use research to support ideas – qualities in high demand in the twenty-first century marketplace.

English majors also have multiple opportunities to learn outside the classroom. With English internships available, students have earned academic credit by interning in local law offices and by completing internships in our campus Writing Centers. Students also engage in active learning through a number of student organizations, such as the English Studies Organization, Alpha Rho Sigma and Sigma Delta (our chapters of Sigma Tau Delta and Sigma Kappa Delta, the national English Honors Societies), and the Canterbury Club. The English Department sponsors or supports a number of campus events for both faculty and students, including the annual Undergraduate Conference, the spring International Festival, the biannual Writing Marathon, the annual Arts Festival, and a number of readings, workshops, and colloquia.

Recent graduates of our B.A. in English program are enjoying success in rewarding jobs or continued education: they are teaching in area high schools, completing law degrees, attending graduate school, and working as editors, planners, schedulers, technical writers, and grant writers. Current graduates are seeking positions in cutting edge technology jobs that require strong liberal arts skills: search engine optimization, social media management, corporate blogging, and digital copywriting.

Please contact us, and set up an appointment to visit our department, to talk with our faculty, and to meet our majors. We believe that our graduates, possessing unique and timeless skills, will have the world at their fingertips!

Dr. Chip Rogers

Dr. Christopher Cairney is the Assistant Chair of English, whose office is located on the Cochran Campus. He can be reached at 478.934.3349. He is located in Wiggs Hall in office #2.

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