Graduate Writing Programs

Our graduate writing programs provide practical, career-focused graduate degrees aimed at today’s working professionals. Whether you are enhancing your existing credentials, pivoting to a new career, or adding personally-enriching training, our degrees will prepare you for many career paths.

All of Middle Georgia State’s Graduate Writing programs are:

  • Fully online
  • Taught in 8-week sessions
  • Develop writing and communication skills with a focus on digital platforms and writing, often with an interdisciplinary emphasis
  • Extend and compliment undergraduate and professional training
  • Taught by master teachers and highly experienced writers

Learn more about our programs through the links below:

Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing

Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing
This 30-hour, interdisciplinary program provides a practical focus on writing and communication skills for today’s technical and professional settings. Upon completion of the MA, students may also earn the Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Digital Communication.

Graduate Certificates

Besides being valuable stand-alone credentials, all our Graduate Certificates are conveniently stackable with the Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing.