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Refund Disbursement Dates

(Please note that these dates are subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances.)


1ST REFUND DATE FOR SPRING Full & First Sessions 2020 – February 5th, 2020.

The first financial aid remaining balance refunds for 202001 Full and First Sessions will be released to Bank Mobile (formerly Higher One) on February 5th, 2020. The financial aid disbursement schedule used at Middle Georgia State University is described here:

At the start of the semester or part-of-term session, disbursement of financial aid funds to student accounts will occur after the drop/add period has ended and no-show reporting has been finalized. Per federal regulations, refunds of remaining credit balances are released no later than 14 calendar days after posting of financial aid disbursements to student accounts. Following this period, refunds are processed weekly.

After the first refund for the semester, the weekly refunds for credit balances resulting from withdrawals, adjustments, or financial aid disbursements are processed by the end of the workweek for those student accounts showing a credit balance as of end of business day on Tuesday of the workweek. Credit balances that occur after end of business day Tuesday cutoff will be included with the next week's refund processing.

Note: Refunds process day and/or credit balances cutoffs is subjective to change if there is a holiday or school closes due to weather or other unforeseen reasons. Other semesters refund dates are provided on the corresponding semester Academic Calendar.



How will my classes be paid if my financial aid hasn't disbursed to my student account?

Authorized financial aid that covers your total charges will hold your class schedule. You will be required to pay the difference owed.

What is authorized financial aid?

Authorized financial aid is aid that has been approved and processed, but must wait for an official disbursement date to arrive before it can be disbursed (posted) to your student account.

How will I be able to use my financial aid in the Campus Store?

The Campus Store interface to our Banner Student Information System will use the amount of authorized aid combined with any actual credit on your student account in the calculation of available credit for purchases. Financial aid purchases can be made beginning the first day of late registration and ending the third week after the first day of class.

How will I receive my refund?

Middle Georgia State University utilizes the BankMobile (formerly HigherOne) to deliver refunds of tuition, fees, scholarships and financial aid remaining balances to students. Every student will receive a "Refund Selection Kit" from BankMobile (formerly HigherOne) in the mail. This kit will provide information to set up a refund preference. Students can select to have the funds direct deposited into a personal bank account or sign up for a checking account with BankMobile, and they will receive a debit card, and it can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. More information about the BankMobile (formerly HigherOne Easy Refund card) can be found on the College's website.

Note: A check will be mailed to parent borrowers electing to receive the credit balance from a PLUS loan disbursement.