Department Directory

School of Business

Primary Phone: 478.471.2724

Primary Fax: 478.471.2802

Faculty/Staff in Department

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Aiken, Charles Assistant Professor 478.757.2575
Dr. Bice, Douglas Associatie Professor 478.471.5763
Floyd, Tabitha Lecturer of Accounting 478.471.2019
Ford, Wilhelmina Professor 478.757.2577
George, John Associate Professor
Holt, Kenny Dean of School of Business 478.757.7381
Dr. Kang, Kyungwoo Associate Professor of Business 478.471.2807
López, Francisco J. Professor 478.471.2978
Dr. McAlum, Harry Professor of Accounting 478.757.2576
Dr. Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar Associate Professor 567.377.2885
Dr. Narsing, Anthony Associate Professor 478.471.2806
Parkerson, Robin Professional Academic Advisor 478.471.2793
Dr. Patti, Anthony Associate Dean 478.471.5718
Dr. Phipps, Simone Associate Professor of Management 478.471.2799
Dr. Ryerson III, Frank Professor of Accounting 478.757.6685
Sanders, William (Terry) Assistant Professor of Business 478.471.2988
Dr. Sargent, Carol Professor of Accounting 478.471.2724
Dr. Shinn, Earl (Trip) Professor 478.757.2640
Smith, Kathryn Professional Academic Advisor 478.757.3632
Steen, Julie Assistant Professor
Dr. Sullivan, Troy V. Professor of Accounting & Business 478.934.3527
Williams, Jerry Assistant Professor 478.471.5719
Woodard, Rachel Academic Program Specialist 478.471.0869