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The School of Business and Health Administration places great value in the opportunity for students to participate in internships. Students interested in participating in an internship should read the attached documents with particular attention to the Internship Policy and the Internship application. 

Students interested in an internship should notify an academic advisor. Students may participate in an established internship program, or one of their own design that is supported by an employer. Internships may be paid or unpaid and for credit or not for credit. This is explained in the Internship Policy. Internships should be arranged during the registration period in the prior term, as if registering for any other class. Students must find a faculty member in the academic area in which the internship will occur and have that faculty member agree to serve as an internship advisor. This is part of the application process. Students may not use standard, routine or existing jobs for an internship. Internships must first be educational and developmental before they can be considered.

All students who participate in an internship will be required to present about their internship experience at a School of Business or University-level internship event. Students who complete for-credit internships will receive a grade for their internship as arranged through their internship faculty advisor.

For further information, see the attached documents or contact an academic advisor.