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Mission Statement (revised fall 2022)

The MGA School of Business is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement in teaching, scholarship, and service, and offers undergraduate and graduate business and health programs, as well as an engaging student experience, designed to prepare diverse students to become career-ready, successful, lifelong learners and leaders who will have a positive societal impact in the local, regional, and global community.  

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a School of Business recognized for the quality of its academic programs, the diversity of its student body, and the contributions it makes to middle Georgia and beyond.

Core Values (revised fall 2022)

  • Continuous Improvement  - We are committed to continuously improving all that we do.  
  • Curriculum  - We offer a dynamic curriculum blending theory with practice.  
  • Diversity  - We value the diversity of the Middle Georgia State University community.  
  • Integrity  - We share a strong commitment to honesty, fairness and high ethical standards.  
  • Partnership  - We are committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders.  
  • Access  - We provide access to opportunities for our students.  
  • Innovation -- We anticipate and plan for change. We will challenge assumptions and always ask "Why"

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