Master of Business in Professional Leadership – MBPL

The Master of Business in Professional Leadership (MBPL) is a business and interdisciplinary studies degree designed for people who wish to advance as leaders and excel across multiple commercial, government, and non-profit enterprises by inspiring and motivating individuals and organizations. The MBPL program is currently offered both through online and face-to-face classes.Unlike a traditional business quantitative-centric degree, which is focused on managing processes, policies, and resources, the MBPL is a business degree focused on qualitative leadership.

Students are required to complete 30 hours of coursework. There are 18 hours of core instruction and 12 hours of electives. Core instruction establishes a foundation of both business and leadership in the human dynamic of organizations through studies in Leadership in Theory and Practice, Leadership Development, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Management in the Global Environment, and Management Information Systems. Electives are drawn from across other graduate programs at MGA in Management, Information Technology, Technical Writing, Public Relations, Sport Management, and Aviation Management. Core instruction in the program focuses on applied leadership in a business environment with further focus in specific fields through the choice of electives. The professional development model of institutional learning, self-development, and experience as part of the lifelong learning and lifelong leading processes are integrated throughout the program.

Under the supervision of the course instructor, the final course will involve a practical project in engagement with and in collaboration with a client.

Core Courses (18 Hours)

MGMT 5200      Management Information Systems
MGMT 5400      Managing in a Global Environment
MGMT 5600      Leadership and Organizational Behavior
MGMT 5610      Leadership in Theory and Practice
MGMT 6300      Human Resources Management*
MGMT 6400      Strategic Leadership Development 

*A wide variety of electives can be chosen for this program in several different disciplines. We recommend pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Business Communication or Technical Writing and Digital Communication. In fact, a motivated student could pursue all three credentials. MGMT 6300 can be replaced with MCOM 5030 or ENGL 5106 to facilitate completion of either of these certifications.

Elective Courses (12 Hours)

Students will choose 12 hours of elective courses from across other graduate programs at MGA in Management, Information Technology, Technical Writing, Public Relations, Sport Management, and Aviation Management

MBPL - Course Map and Advising Sheet

One Year Tentative Class Schedule

Admissions Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an regionally accredited university.
  2. Preferred 2.75 GPA.
  3. Letter of application that states the applicant's interest in and goals for the program.
  4. Résumé.

*Note: Interested applicants who do not meet the preferred minimum GPA may take a standardized test such as the GRE or GMAT to further strengthen their application. Additionally, significant weight is placed on the resume when making a decision about an applicant with a lower than preferred GPA to account for experience beyond the classroom.

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Dr. Marc Miller, Dean

School of Business