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Tech Support

Before you start your classes, these are the links and contacts for technical services you will need to be a fully online student in the graduate programs at Middle Georgia State University. For issues directly related to a course site, contact the instructor by email first.

  1. For setting up your email account, go to:
  2. For access to and setting up SWORDS (Student Web Organized Records and Data System):
  3. For access to online learning platforms (BrightSpace/D2L), go to:
  4. For BrightSpace login, 24/7 support, browser requirements, etc., go to:
  5. For in-depth BrightSpace FAQ:
    Hint: With any access that requires a birthday, check with the Registrar's Office if you cannot get access, since sometimes a birth date has been keyed incorrectly.
  6. For general tech support questions, contact the Help Desk, which has a direct line during normal business hours EST:
    478.471.2023 or 478.934.3319