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Banner / SWORDS

SWORDS is your gateway to the Banner Student Information System. This system provides access to registration, grades, class schedules, transcripts, financial aid status, account balances, and much more.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Additional fees for proctored exams may apply to online classes for which you register**

The supported web browser for SWORDS is Internet Explorer. There are known issues when using Google Chrome.

* The login page for SWORDS asking for your email credentials is not working properly right now and will remain offline until the problems can be resolved. We are currently working with the vendor on the issues.

Until a solution is in place, the login page for SWORDS has been changed to require your MGA ID (begins with 983 and is on your ID card) and a 6 digit pin.

If you receive an error when you click on SWORDS login, please clear your cache and try again. *