Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

UPDATED April 18, 2024


The University System of Georgia requires that some students have health insurance coverage.  The Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) was developed to provide quality health insurance to students in mandatory categories at the lowest possible costs.

Student who are required to have health insurance coverage will automatically have the SHIP fee added to their student account each semester.  These students include:

  • International students holding "F" or "J" visas
  • Any student enrolled in a Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Science or Health Services Administration program that requires practicum work in a clinical setting.

Once students are registered for classes, information will be shared with United HealthCare (UHC) and students will be notified via MGA email to either request a waiver (if they have existing health coverage that meets the waiver requirements) or accept the UHC coverage plan. Students who fail to do either of these will be automatically enrolled in the coverage plan after the posted deadline.

Students must complete the SHIP process every semester, with the exception of summer semester if they were enrolled spring semester.

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