MGA’s Licensing Program

Middle Georgia State University’s (MGA) Licensing Program is the official avenue in which the University grants permission for the use of University marks including its name, initials, and logos. CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) manages the University’s licensing program for both the athletic and institutional logos.

MGA has entered into an agreement with CLC (previously Learfield) to manage the University’s licensing program to protect the use and abuse of the University marks. This means that MGA requires that all commercial products, including items for resale and internal use, bearing University logos and marks must display the official logos of the University as outlined in the branding guidelines. Any manufacturer of products with any of the University marks must be properly licensed before offering goods for distribution. Vendors who are not licensed are not permitted to use MGA logos and marks.


Vendors should visit the CLC website ( ) and select “Get Licensed” tab to apply for a license. The CLC contact for businesses interested in becoming licensed to produce MGA merchandise is or 770.956.0520. If you currently hold a license with Learfield or IMG College, please email

MGA Campus Community

MGA community including faculty, staff, and students who are seeking vendors who are licensed with MGA will find a current list on the MGA Licensed Vendors webpage. MGA departments placing orders from licensed vendors should plan to allow time for the approval process, normally one to two days.

License Types

  • Retail: Manufacturers producing products for resale to the general public that feature the MGA name or any of the MGA logos/marks must obtain a RETAIL license. Vendors should register for a license through CLC before producing or selling merchandise. MGA receives income from these royalty-producing items.
  • Internal: Manufacturers producing items for internal promotional use or giveaways that feature any of the MGA logos/marks must obtain an INTERNAL license from CLC before facilitating orders for these goods. MGA does not receive royalty income from these items, but since these items can migrate off of campus, they MUST remain in compliance with all graphic standards outlined in the brand portal.


What is a trademark and what is the purpose of one in a licensing program?

  • Any mark, logo, hallmark, seal, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word, or derivative that can be associated with Middle Georgia State University and can be distinguished from those of other institutions or entities qualified as a trademark. The trademark licensing program was established to protect and control all uses of the University’s brand marks and graphic identity.
Who must be licensed?
  • Anyone or any business/organization wanting to use MGA’s trademarks or verbiage on a product must have a license before offering the product/goods for sale. 
What companies are currently licensed with MGA? Who can I contact with licensing questions at MGA?
  • Please contact Marketing & Communications at .