Vision & Direction

Future Direction

Middle Georgia State University has reached a milestone, a fifth birthday in 2018 as a single consolidated institution. As the university closes out the final year of its first strategic plan, Greatness Begins Here, the President set the context for Middle Georgia State’s next strategic plan—one that can deliver on the promise of professional and career education to a diverse range of academically and financially situated students—in a white paper. It sets out the governing principles and the vision that the university must look to on its horizon.


Vision & Values

In early 2014, Dr. Christopher Blake, president of Middle Georgia State, selected representatives from the college and the community to serve on a vision taskforce. He and Dr. Nancy Bunker, associate professor of English (now retired), served as co-chairs of this taskforce.

The purpose of the group was to articulate a new vision for the college as it aspired to become a university. The taskforce met numerous times and produced its final report in June 2014. The report then was reviewed by the executive leadership team, and from that review, President Blake announced the following core values of Middle Georgia State represents and what it aspires to be:

Our Four Core Values

  • Stewardship
  • Engagement
  • Adaptability
  • Learning

In addition, the president announced a statement of vision – a sense of direction – aimed at inspiring the Middle Georgia State community to think of larger possibilities for our work and our institution:

Statement of Our Vision

We transform individuals and our communities through extraordinary higher learning.

Our University Mission

Approved by the Board of Regents in March 2015 the mission of the institution is as follows:

Middle Georgia State University graduates inspired, lifelong learners whose knowledge and careers enhance the state.

Our values, vision, and mission are guiding a strategic planning process that will provide a road map for our future.