Accuplacer Entrance Exam

ACCUPLACER Placement Exam Testing Policy

Testing Services will administer the ACCUPLACER Placement Exam primarily to Middle Georgia State University applicants.

Students from other institutions may take the ACCUPLACER Placement Exam at Middle Georgia State on a space-available basis and must pay a $35.00 testing fee before taking the test.

Student can sign up for the ACCUPLACER Placement Exam using the on-line registration tool located at the bottom of this page, or by contacting a Testing Services staff member. A valid telephone number and e-mail address is required.

Applicants with High SAT-1 and ACT scores may be exempt ACCUPLACER Placement Testing. Contact the Admissions staff for details toll-free at 1.877.238.8664.

  • ACCUPLACER Testing is taken on a computer.
  • The ACCUPLACER test has three sections: Math (Elementary Algebra), Essay Composition (WritePlacer) and Reading Comprehension.
  • The ACCUPLACER Reading and Math sections are not timed.

A valid photo ID card is required for admittance into ACCUPLACER Placement Testing.

No outside calculators are permitted for the Accuplacer test. The ACCUPLACER software has a calculator and there are loaner calculators in the testing labs.

See the calendar on the Testing Services web page for the current schedule.

Retesting Information

Listed below are retesting guidelines for students entering MGA in the 2017 spring term or later.

  • The last date to retest is the last business day before the first day of class for the semester.
  • The retesting options are forfeited if a student attends any mandatory Learning Support classes after his/her entry term's Add/Drop date.
    • Students must wait 7 days between the testing attempts.
    • Students taking their initial ACCUPLACER test near the start of the next term may not have time for any retesting attempts.
    • Students are strongly encouraged to use our online remediation page before taking the retest. Here is the web page address:
  • Preparation is the key to passing the ACCUPLACER retest. Retaking the ACCUPLACER without preparation wastes your time, your money, and prevents other students from taking the test.
  • There is a $35.00 retesting fee — for one, two, or all ACCUPLACER subjects.
    • The fee must be paid for every retesting session attempted by the student.
    • The retesting fee is not refundable if a student takes a retest.
    • The retesting fee applies to all retesting sessions—those hosted at MGA or set up at a remote testing site.
    • A $35.00 Business Office hold will be placed on a student's Banner web account that retests at a remote testing site.
    • The Business Office hold will prevent course registration activity until it is paid.

Students may register for a retesting session online at

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