Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE)


The Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE), previously called the Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) and the Departmental Mathematics Test (DMT), measures a student’s readiness for several college-level math courses offered by Middle Georgia State University. Passing the MPE enables a well-prepared student the opportunity to bypass some lower-level mathematics courses. Faculty and staff academic advisors use MPE scores to match a student’s mathematics skills with the appropriate mathematics course.


A student may take the MPE if he or she:

  • Has a math score on the SAT between 430 and 550, or,
  • Has a math score on the ACT between 18 and 24, or
  • Has taken the COMPASS algebra test and scored 37 or higher, or
  • Has completed all Learning Support math requirements

Exam Information

The MPE contains twenty-five problems and has a sixty-minute time limit. A student may attempt the MPE only once. The MPE is administered in either a paper version or an Internet version. Students may not use a calculator during the exam. Proctors provide blank paper and pencils to students so they can perform calculations during the exam. MPE scores are sent to the Registrar’s Office for inclusion in a student’s academic records. The Mathematics Department faculty and staff members as well as the Testing Services staff provide MPE testing sessions throughout the year.

Each student must select which Math Course he or she is trying to place into and inform the test proctor before the exam begins.

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Score Information

MPE Scores and Corresponding Mathematics Courses

Desired Course

MPE Score Required For Enrollment

MATH 1111 - College Algebra


MATH 1112 - Plane Trigonometry


MATH 1113 - Precalculus Mathematics


MATH 1220 - Discrete Mathematics


MATH 1251 - Calculus I


Note:  Students with scores less than 12 must enroll in MATH 1101 – Math Modeling

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