Special Accommodation


Update 4/6/2020 - Please review the linked document and email us at testingservices@mga.edu if you have any questions.
Accommodated Testing During COVID-19 Closure

Disability Support Services is available on all five campuses. It is the responsibility of the student to identify the need to his/her professor during the first week of class. Testing arrangements must be made ahead of time by the professor. Academic accommodations for courses at Middle Georgia State University may include:

  • Extended times for tests
  • Modification of test format
  • Test administration
  • Quiet and private testing
  • Can be individualized and flexible based on student’s documented disability


Each semester the student must contact the Disability Support Services and ask that their academic accommodations be sent to their instructors. It is strongly advised that students make these requests during the first week of the new semester.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the instructor of their desire to utilize their accommodations at the Testing Center for their assessments. Once notified, the instructor will complete the Faculty Proctoring Request form.

Faculty Proctoring Request Form:

Once the student has notified their instructor of their intent to utilize the Testing Center for accommodated testing, the instructor must complete the Faculty Proctoring Request Form. Please follow these steps to request a proctored exam:

Once the form has been sent, it is the student’s responsibility to register below for an exam time.