DANTES/DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests)

Update - 3/30/2020 - On-site administration of Dantes/DSST at MGA has been suspended through the end of the Spring 2020 semester due to campus closures. If you have already registered for a Dantes/DSST exam at MGA, you will receive an email with details allowing you to choose to receive a refund or to reschedule your exam after we resume normal campus operations. If you would like to register for a Dantes/DSST exam, please continue to check the website periodically for updates on when administration of on-site exams will resume.


DANTES/DSST exams are a great way to earn college credit. Students should check the college catalog for course equivalents, passing scores, and hours awarded for each test. Also, students should consult with their advisor prior to taking any credit examination to ensure it fits into their degree plan.

To view a complete list of all DSST exams or for more information, please visit www.getcollegecredit.com .

Important Information

  1. Students may take only one DSST exam during a scheduled testing session.
  2. DSST exams are 2 hours long and your score is given immediately upon completion.
  3. Testers must wait 30 DAYS to retake a DSST exam, even if he or she has a retake voucher.
  4. Students with a retake voucher are still required to pay the MGA administration fee when registering for an exam. Please select the non-military option for any retakes.
  5. The Principles of Public Speaking exam:
    • Principles of Public Speaking is made up of two separate examinations that must be scheduled and paid for individually. If you have questions about registration, please contact Testing Services at 478-471-2050.
    • Part One – Multiple Choice consists of one hundred (100) multiple-choice questions to be completed within a two-hour time limit. The part one score is shown at the completion of the test by the DSST/Prometric software.
    • Part Two — Speech consists of an impromptu, three-to-five minute persuasive speech that is digitally recorded and scored by human raters. Occasionally, a candidate may be offered the opportunity to complete part two immediately following the completion of part one if a recording appointment is immediately available. However, most candidates must schedule with the proctor on site for a future date and time to complete part two.
    • A candidate must pass both parts of the test in order to get credit for the exam.

DSST Exam Fees

  • DSST charges an $85 examination fee and Middle Georgia State University charges a $25.00 administration fee.
  • The DSST fee is paid at the testing center using a debit/credit card on the day of the examination.
  • The MGA administration fee is paid using a debit/credit card when you schedule your exam online at www.mga.edu/testing-services .

Military Testers

  • The $85 test fee and $25.00 administration fee are waived for Active-Duty personnel, Reserve/National Guard members, spouses of Coast Guard (Active and Reserve), and DOD Civilian Employees of the Air Force. Proper military ID is required at the testing center for this fee waiver.
  • The Department of Defense/DANTES only pays for a military member's first attempt of the test. All retakes for the same exam will require payment of both fees in order to test.
  • All military personnel must test at the Warner Robins campus for fee waiver. Retakes or fully paid exams may be taken at any campus.

Register for a DSST Exam

Please read all of the information on this web page and then scroll to the bottom of the page and select, “ CLICK TO REGISTER.” For registration assistance, please visit How to Register for a DSST Test

DANTES/DSST sessions are scheduled throughout the month. Click here to check the current testing calendar.