Testing Fees

Listed below are current fees for tests administered by Testing Services at MGA.

Test Name Test Fee Administration
Total Fees
CLEP $87 $25 $112
Accuplacer Entrance Exam Retake $35 $0 $35
Accuplacer Score Transfer Request $0 $35 $35
ACT Residual $60 $0 $60
Anatomy and Physiology Pre-Req $15 $0 $15
DANTES/DSST $85 $25 $110
eCore (*each midterm/final) $20 $0 $20*
GA/US Constitution $15 $0 $15
GA/US History $15 $0 $15
Math Placement Exam $15 $0 $15
Oral Competency $15 $0 $15
Proctored Exam (Cochran campus) $0 $35 $35
Respiratory Entrance $15 $0 $15
Teacher Education Entrance Essay $15 $0 $15
TEAS $70 $0 $70
Technical Competency $15 $0 $15

CLEP and DSST currently waive Test Fees for DANTES funded testers for the first attempt at each CLEP or DSST exam. Eligible members include active-duty personnel, Reserve members, and National Guardsmen.

In addition, MGA waives Administration Fees for all DANTES funded individuals for the first attempt at each CLEP or DSST exam as well. The MGA fee waiver is eligible ONLY at the Warner Robins campus.

Tests will not be administered without fee payment.

CLEP: The $85.00 CLEP fee must be paid PRIOR to your testing session at www.collegeboard.org/clep. You will be able to access the My Account tab on this page to register for your exam and print your exam ticket to bring to the testing center. If you are eligible for DANTES funding, you will make that selection in My Account as well. CLEP testing fees cannot be paid onsite at MGA locations.

DSST/DANTES: If you are not eligible for DANTES funding, DSST Test Fees must be paid by debit/credit card on the computer station in the testing center. Please bring a valid form of payment to your exam.

MGA Testing Services offers proctored exams at both the Macon and Cochran campuses. Please see the Proctored Exam page for more information.