Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Prior learning is learning gained through life or work outside of structured higher educational courses. Many people learn through their experiences in life such as those in professional endeavors (business, the military, or other work/training experiences) or through other educational experiences (community work, family, travel, or personal study).

PLA will reduce the repetition of relevant course-related material for students with prior learning (or with prior degrees). PLA will also reduce the time and money required to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree although it will require the investment of both. Certain PLA components require fees such as testing (e.g., departmental examinations and standardized tests) and portfolio assessment. However, in general, PLA should take less time and money to complete than taking regular classes.

The Department of IT offers a PLA portfolio assessment at a cost of $175.00

Currently, PLA options are available to Information Technology students. The process includes:

  1. Complete the PLA Portfolio Application available in the Department of Information Technology
  2. Once your application is approved, go to the Testing Center Website to sign up and pay for the PLA
  3. Complete the Academic Honesty Statement and PLA Portfolio and submit to the School of IT for review
  4. After a faculty panel reviews and approves the portfolio packet, a grade of “K” will be awarded. The PLA credit will be notated on the students transcript as ITEC 229PL or ITEC 429PL. PLA can be repeated up to 5 times for 15 hours of credit.