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School of Arts & Letters

Welcome to the School of Arts & Letters—a diverse, engaged community of scholars united by our love of the arts and humanities. We believe education should be about making choices—not checking boxes—and we are committed to the intellectual, creative, and personal development of our students. We strive to be agents of individual and collective transformation, and our goal is to guide students in crafting intentional lives.

Our interdisciplinary academic portfolio includes coursework in art, communication, creative and professional writing, film, history, modern languages, literature, music, new media, and theatre. We offer stackable, academic credentials including undergraduate certificates, associate degrees, baccalaureate programs, and graduate certificates and degrees. Our flexible, liberal arts curriculum leaves room for professional minors and certifications.

The School of Arts & Letters is an engine of culture on our campuses and in the communities we serve. In addition to hosting an array of music, art, film, literary, historic, and theatre programming on campus and beyond, the School sponsors co-curricular student organizations in art, English, history, media, and music.

Perhaps most importantly, we provide our students with the credentials required to land their first job and the learning skills needed to evolve within our rapidly changing economy. Our curriculum demands critical thinking and interdisciplinary approaches. Our students are taught to value tradition while striving to innovate. We not only teach students to communicate; we help them find their voices. Above all, we foster students’ creativity as a means of expression, a method of inquiry, and a tool for problem-solving.

Just as manufacturing was central to twentieth-century economies, creativity is now at the heart of developed world markets. Our students and faculty aim to be leaders in the forefront of Georgia’s burgeoning creative economy and culture. Our graduates are prepared to work in an array of vocations across the sectors of film and entertainment, journalism and communication, education, public relations and social media, government, public history, public administration, and the arts.

Please take some time to explore our programs, departments, and faculty. We look forward to meeting with you in person and hope that you will visit the School of Arts & Letters soon.

Mary Wearn
Dean of Arts & Letters

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