Alumni Profiles

Jessica LaBouve
B.S. in Information Technology (Cybersecurity)
Class of 2017

 I was fortunate enough during my time at MGA to be asked if I wanted to assist on a volunteer pen test for a local company. After this experience, I immediately switched to a cybersecurity focus and haven't looked back since. I am currently a penetration tester for a Tampa based company (A-LIGN) focusing on web application and network level penetration tests.

My day to day involves attempting to hack into companies and find any exploitable vulnerabilities before someone with malicious intent does. I also perform social engineering tests in which I attempt to gain access to user credentials or other sensitive information via the phone (vishing) or email (phishing). Occasionally, I will have physical social engineering engagements where I attempt to gain access to restricted areas.

The opportunity to get hands on experience at MGA in my future career was invaluable and a critical part of why I was able to land the job. If you are a student, I highly recommend being as involved in campus and clubs as you can.

Jessica LaBouve