Tutoring Policies

To utilize the MARC's Tutoring services, you MUST abide by the following rules:

  1. You MUST be a current Middle Georgia State University student enrolled in a Math course.
  2. You may schedule either a 30 MINUTE session or a 60 MINUTE session with a tutor.
  3. You may schedule a maximum of 2 sessions per week each semester.

    The sessions can be a combination of any math courses.

  4. Same Day Appointments MAY NOT be scheduled.
  5. You MUST arrive to sessions on time.

    Call ahead of time if you are going to be late. Tutors will only wait 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment. If you are not there, this session will be considered a No-Show.

  6. You MUST arrive to sessions prepared.

    Preparation includes attending class, completing the course homework/classwork and coming with questions or content you would like to review. Tutors will not complete graded assignments with or for you unless approved by the instructor.

  7. No-Shows count towards your 2 sessions per week limit.

    If you miss an appointment, this will use up one of your two tutoring sessions allowed per week. So, please notify us in a timely manner if you need to cancel an appointment.

  8. Three No-Shows will result in the suspension of your tutoring privileges.

Additional Comments:

Group tutoring sessions are available to groups/individuals who want them upon request. For students in 0098 through 1111, group sessions are very beneficial to all involved, and are encouraged.