Campus Carry

In accordance with O.C.G.A. § 16-11-127.1, individuals with a valid concealed carry permit may carry concealed handguns on Middle Georgia State University property, with the exception of all locations listed in the University's updated weapons policy. It is a misdemeanor for a licensed carrier to possess a weapon in an area that is exempt under the new law, and it will be the responsibility of those license-holders who choose to carry handguns on campus to know the law and understand where they can go on campus while carrying.

It is the responsibility of each permit holder to check with the Office of the Registrar to inquire (in person or by phone) as to the permissibility of concealed handguns in their specific classes.

Any members of the MGA community or the community at large with questions about “campus carry” at Middle Georgia State University may email . Additionally, guidance from the University System of Georgia can be found here and here.

Student Information

Below is a video overview of the “campus carry” law provided by the University System of Georgia.

Faculty & Staff Information Session

Below is an informational video for faculty and staff.

Campus Carry Training Certification

Questions, comments, concerns

If you have questions, comments or concerns about “campus carry,” you may contact MGA Police via email to .