Update Your Contact Information

To receive notifications about campus public safety and closures (Knight Alerts), you must have current contact information in your SWORDS account. To review and update your information:

  1. Log into SWORDS with your MGA ID number (“983 number”) and your password. Detailed instructions for logging into SWORDS are available here; your MGA ID number is located on the back of your student/employee ID card.
  2. Click on the “Personal Information” tab

Updating Mailing Address and Phone/Text information:

  1. Click on the “Update Addresses and Phones” link
    A screen shot of a SWORDS account with the personal information tab and Update Addresses and Phones link pointed out
  2. Review the “Addresses and Phones” to make sure your information is current in the event of campus public safety alerts or closures. 
    1. Your SWORDS account should contain:
      1. A valid Mailing Address
      2. A valid Primary phone number (landline or cell) - Will be used for voice calls
      3. A valid Cell Phone number (cell) – Will  be used for voice calls 
      4. A valid Emergency Text number (cell) – Will be used for text messages
    2. If any of the above information is outdated, incorrect, or missing, continue to the next step

    A screen shot of a SWORDS account with the current contact information of the account pointed out.
  3. Click on the “Current” link to the left of your mailing address to update your contact information
  4. Update your contact information:
    1. Enter your current mailing address in the fields provided
    2. Enter a Primary phone number (landline or cell) in the “Primary Phone Number for This Address” fields
    3. Input valid Cell Phone and Emergency Text numbers in the fields provided. Use the drop-down menu to the left to select the correct “Phone Type” for each number. 

    A screen shot of a SWORDS account with various edit fields pointed out.

Updating Email Information:

  1. Click on the “Personal information” tab at the top of the screen
  2. Review the email addresses currently on file. Your mga.edu email address will remain active while you are enrolled/employed at Middle Georgia State. You may add one additional email address to your account by selecting “Personal Email Address” from the drop-down menu and entering a valid address.

Call the Technical Assistance Center (478.471.2023) or Help Desk (478.934.3319) or visit the Help Desk page if you need help updating your contact info.