Update Contact Information

  1. Go to SWORDS,
  2. Login with your Email username (ex: trey.davis) and your current email password.
  3. Click on the link, "Personal Information"
    1. Click on the third link, "Update Addresses and Phones." You will need to edit your existing address if you have one.
      If you DO NOT see an address or phone number you will need to add them.
      1) At the bottom of the screen, see the "Type of Address to Insert" drop down box.
      2) Select "Mailing" and click "Submit."
    2. To receive a telephone call, see "Phone Type" select the type of call you wish to receive from the drop down box. Enter the phone number.
    3. To receive a text message, see "Phone Type" and select "Text Message" from the drop down box. Enter the text-enabled phone number. Remember - fees may be applied by your cell phone provider for text messages.
    4. To receive an E-mail message, click on "Personal Information." Click on fifth link, "Update E-mail Address." At the bottom of the screen, see "Type of E-mail to Insert." Select "Personal E-mail Address" and click "Submit." You will be able to add one personal E-mail address.

Contact the Technical Assistance Center 478.471.2023 or
Helpdesk 478.934.3319 if you need help.